[RK Prime] Serena Santos – Left On Read Revenge

[RK Prime] Serena Santos – Left On Read Revenge

If you had a gorgeous woman like Serena Santos talking you up, would you really take over eight hours to blow up her phone in reply?! You couldn’t even take thirty seconds to “lol” or “k” and keep this babe with huge perky tits, juicy ass and mind filled with dirty thoughts properly entertained? Come on! Well, if Serena isn’t getting the attention she wants from one man, she’s the type of girl to fuck somebody else to make you jealous. To wrap her wet mouth around a throbbing cock in revenge… To put on that iconic bright smile as they go balls deep between her soft thighs, giggling and moaning in pleasure. She’s gonna get hers one way or another…

Size: 825.88 MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:35:41

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